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Creating a video or podcast for your business takes time, money, and resources. You need the right equipment, the right editing software, and the knowledge and expertise of how to use them. Not to mention, you need a plan of how to put it all together into a product that showcases your brand in the best way possible.

That’s where Amplicast Media comes in.

We can guide you seamlessly through the process of creating video and audio content for your company from planning to execution.

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Video Production Services

Full Video Production Services

We will guide you seamlessly through the video production process.

We have been producing, shooting, and editing branded video web content since 2014. This wealth of experience allows us to guide you seamlessly through the process of creating your video from planning to execution.


In the Pre Production phase, we will plan out the entire project from beginning to end.

Video Shoot

On the day of your shoot, we will capture all of the video and audio content that will comprise your final video.

Video Editing

During video editing, we will assemble the video and audio captured into a cohesive story.

Final Video

Your final video is ready for posting on social media and your web site.


Podcast Production Services

Full Podcast Production Services

Podcast production services from planning to execution.

Amplicast Media offers podcast production services to fit every budget. Our services feature broadcast quality equipment, professional editing, intro/outro music, transcripts of your show, and posting to your podcast hosting service.

Podcast Planning

We can guide you through the planning process for your show from how long each episode will be to how often to post and much more.

Podcast Recording

We will bring our broadcast quality equipment to record all the raw audio for your podcast in a space that is convenient and comfortable for you and your guests.

Audio Editing

We will edit and process the raw audio to broadcast quality adding music and other production elements.

Podcast Distribution

We will post your finished show to your podcast hosting service for distribution to major directories complete with show notes and links.


You have questions. We have answers.

Do you travel?

Yes. Our rates include traveling to your location within a 25 mile radius of Nashville. If you need us to go somewhere else we will be happy to outline the additional travel budget in our proposal.

Do you film weddings?

Unfortunately, we do not film weddings. Weddings are a very different type of production outside of the areas we feel we do our best work.

Do you film live events?

Yes…and no. If you are looking for a promotional video for your live event we would love to work on it with you. However, if you’re looking for a video recording of the entire live event from start to finish, we would refer you to a live event production company.

Do you film training videos?

Yes! As a matter of fact, we love filming training videos and would consider them one of our specialties.

Do you help with live streaming on social media?

Yes, if it is a small event. We have the capabilities to live stream events in smaller spaces, but if you’re wanting to stream a big show on a scale of The CMA’s or The Oscars, we would refer you to a live event production company that is better equipped to handle larger venue productions.

How much does a video cost?

That’s a tough question to answer without all the details. The 2 biggest factors in determining the cost of a video is the amount of time needed to shoot and the amount of time needed to edit the video. Once we know the details of the type of video you need, we can create a proposal outlining the budget.

How competitive are your rates?

We believe our rates are extremely competitive given the quality of our work. We are certainly not the most expensive production company in town. However, we do require more than a student or inexperienced novice. We welcome you to contact us about your project and provide your budget requirements. From there, we can tailor our services to fit your specific needs.

Do I own the rights to my video?

Yes. You own all rights to your video. We retain the right to publicly display your video for promotional purposes unless otherwise noted. Other than that, the video is all yours.

Will you shoot footage without editing it?

Yes. We will gladly shoot footage and hand over the unedited digital files for your editor.

Will you edit footage you didn’t shoot?

Yes. We will need to review the footage before providing a quote to ensure that you understand any limitations we may have editing it. For example, some footage we are asked to edit has poor audio quality, shaky footage, or many other issues that can only be minimized rather than eliminated completely. We simply want to set the proper expectations before we begin work.

How much does a podcast cost?

Several factors go into the final budget for producing your podcast. We offer full service podcast production from recording, editing, transcription, music, graphics and much more. Depending on how many services you need will factor into the final budget. However, our rates for this service are quite affordable for a variety of budgets. Fill out our contact form below with your requirements and we will be happy to give you a no obligation proposal.

Will you edit a podcast if I record it?

Yes. We will be happy to edit your raw audio into a cohesive show. We will need to review a raw recording before providing a quote to ensure that you understand any limitations we may have editing it. Recording audio has many pitfalls that can only be minimized rather than eliminated completely. For example, recording in a room with lots of reverb (echo) can only be minimized. It cannot be completely removed from the recording. Additionally, recording with levels too high or too low can cause a whole host of issues during the editing process. We simply want to review the file to set the proper expectations before we begin work.

What are podcast show notes?

Podcast show notes are an in-depth written description of what happened during an episode. They may include links to articles mentioned during an episode, guest bios, and relevant calls-to-action.

Why would I want a transcript of my podcast?

A transcript is a great resource for preparing show notes, social media posts, and blog posts for each episode of your podcast. To get the most bang for your buck from a podcast, you will want to repurpose the content created in each episode across various marketing channels. A transcript is a great way to generate text content from your words.


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