Creating a Podcast: The Process

Creating a podcast takes time, money, and resources. There is much more to the process than buying a microphone and hitting the record button. At Amplicast Media, we break the creation process down into 4 segments.

Segment 1: Podcast Planning

For a brand new podcast there are several questions to answer before you ever sit down to record the first episode.

The most important question: Why do you want to create a podcast?

What is the goal of the podcast? For many businesses and brands, it is to build awareness to a new audience and to demonstrate their knowledge and expertise. For example, if you’re a realtor with years of experience, you can provide unique inside information that homebuyers and home sellers would love to know.

Decide on the overall goal for your podcast and let that goal shape the development.

The next most important question is: Who is my audience for the podcast?

For a business or brand, your audience will be your customers or potential customers. What type of content can you provide that this audience will value?

Understand, this podcast can be a vehicle for self-promotion, but it cannot be one long commercial for your business. If your listeners feel like they are getting something valuable to them for their time spent listening they will become a part of your audience.

In addition to these questions there are many more to decide in the planning phase. Who will be the host? Will your podcast feature guests? How long will each episode be? How often will you post a new episode? Where will you record each show? How will you promote your podcast?

At Amplicast Media, we help you answer these questions and many more as a part of our podcasting services.

Segment 2: Podcast Production

Once you have a roadmap for your podcast, you can sit down at the microphone and hit record.

During the production phase, we record all the raw audio for your show. This includes the host, any guests, as well as calls to action you may want to include such as encouraging listeners to visit your website or rate and review your podcast.

At Amplicast Media, we offer the opportunity to bring our professional broadcast equipment to your location. To get the most bang for your buck, you should be prepared to record multiple episodes of your podcast in one production session.

For instance, by scheduling a 3 hour production session with us, we could record up to four 30-minute episodes in the same visit. That is enough episodes for one month of your podcast. This production method will allow you to stay on schedule while significantly reducing your time commitment and production costs for your podcast.

Segment 3: Post Production

Once we have all of the raw audio for your podcast, we go to work polishing your show into a final form.

The post production process includes:

  • Processing the raw audio to broadcast quality
  • Eliminating long pauses and filler words like “um” or “uh”
  • Adding copyright safe music for intros, outros, and transitions
  • Adding a voice over announcer to introduce the show or read additional copy
  • Adding the necessary metadata and tags for podcast directories
  • Creating a transcript of your show with show notes

Segment 4: Distribution

At this stage in the process, you are ready to release your podcast out into the world.

You will need a podcast hosting service to store your episodes and distribute your episodes to all of the major podcast directories.

We highly recommend using libsyn for your podcast hosting. Libsyn has competitive hosting pricing and all the tools and features a podcaster needs to maximize the reach of their show.

Once you have a podcast hosting service, we will take care of posting the episodes including your cover art, show notes, and links for distribution to all major podcast directories.

Creating a Podcast: Next Steps

As you can see, producing a podcast for your business or brand takes planning and execution.

If it seems like a lot to handle on your own, let us help!

Give us a call at 615.270.1100. Email us at Or fill out our contact form here.

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